Singer/songwriter Amy VanWagenen started singing at the age of 4, when her father decided she had a talent that needed to be showcased. She has been performing ever since and loving every minute of it. Starting at age 17, Amy began to speak and sing in many different forums, sharing her thoughts and her talents. These experiences helped her gain the self confidence and character that she exhibits now. But for a time, she decided to put her music on hold to start a family. She is the proud mother of four beautiful children, who in her own words are her "greatest accomplishment." "My family comes first, everything else is just fluff."

As Amy's children got older and more independent, she decided to chase a dream that has been on hold since the age of 14, to create inspirational music, that would help other people feel motivated and inspired. Her music does just that. Her lyrics are heart felt and meaningful.

Dean Kaelin, a world-class vocal coach, musician, songwriter, and record producer, who most recently gained national acclaim for his exceptional work with American Idol runner-up, David Archuleta said the following about Amy, "I have had the opportunity to work with many, many singers and recording artists over the past 25 years. Every so often one comes along with something special, something different, something unique, something that makes them stand out in the crowd. Amy Van Wagenen is such an artist!

"Amy has a wonderful feel and style all her own. We need her sound and her positive messages in the world today."

Although Amy just appeared on the scene, her music is here to stay. Her music has been described as motivational, inspiring, encouraging and uplifting.